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20 May 2014
Modern kitchens Snaidero - Ola 25


A kitchen dedicated to those who love taylor made kitchen space. The blog Finetodesign today talks about our Ola 25 Limited Edition.

We saw it at Eurocucine 2014, during the Furniture Fair. The Snaidero stand was very busy with a constant bustle of workers and photographers; with some reservations over broaching the crowd, I headed in nonetheless, weaving my way through the people. Right in the middle, dominating the scene, I caught sight of a familiar, instantly-recognisable colour red.... it was her.

OLA 25 Limited Edition Pininfarina - 84 unique pieces

​​It is difficult to imagine a kitchen inspired by a luxury car, a Ferrari to boot. The first Ola project dates back to 1989 and was the most important Pininfarina project outside the automotive industry. 25 years of continuous renewal later, with a futuristic interpretation of the domestic space, and Ola 25 is a bold, soft, pure, sensual option.


Inspiration stems from the latest Concept Car designed by Sergio Pininfarina for Ferrari, a take on the very best tradition of long-standing Turin-based bodywork. This stunning version, unveiled at the Fair, is the number 1 of just 84 unique pieces, 84 to match the years for which Pininfarina has been going.​

The kitchen features a matt micalised extra black lacquer finish with undertop profiles in metallic red 458 lacquer. The glass worktop flaunts a sophisticated glossy finish, whilst a stately leg supports the peninsula. The unmistakeable colour is the world's most famous red and in proper racing style, it has been built from carbon fibre.

The kitchen, like the car, must have functions and performance in particular that are unique. Ola 25 is dedicated to a target public who love tailored style for their kitchen. This 2014 project is a high-level style exercise, in which Snaidero and Pininfarina share constant values of innovation, elegance and passion.

Don't miss this exclusive Snaidero interview given to Home Style Blogs by Paolo Pininfarina. A heartfelt tale of the Ola project and the great collaboration with Snaidero.

Responsibility and environmental sustainability have always been at the heart of Snaidero kitchen design. The Ola 25 has very unique finishes indeed, like the micalised lacquer created using water-based coatings. This finish was first introduced in Snaidero with the launch of the Ola 20 model.
This modern kitchen also uses low emission panels, i.e. with formaldehyde emissions reduced to less than half the European standard. And lighting comes in the form of built-in low energy consumption LEDs under the wall units and inside the cupboards.


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