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04 September 2013
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Must-have accessories for the kitchen, functional and elegant

Accessories are an important part of kitchen design which should be kept top of mind and not added as an afterthought at the end of the project.

The selection of accessories for the kitchen should aim to:

contribute to smart, effortless workflow
put everything within reach
increase customization
help keep the kitchen clean and uncluttered.

One of the core principles of kitchen design dictates the clear division of the space in distinct work areas for: food preparation, cooking, and clean-up. Each of these areas, in turn, must be accessorized for maximum functionality based on the kitchen user’s habits and some practical rules of thumb.

Here’s an overview of must-have kitchen accessories.

Accessories for the kitchen’s clean-up area

In the clean-up area, you’ll ideally want to have garbage disposals, sink, dishwasher and a bank of drawers in direct succession. This allows you to scrape the dishes into the trash, rinse them in the sink and put them directly in the dishwasher. When they are dry, the drawer bank is right at hand to put the dishes away without having to carry them to another location in the room. The sink unit should be compartmentalized to house multiple trash cans with easy sorting for recycling, on the one hand, and sponges and cleaning products, on the other.


Accessories for the kitchen’s cooktop area

In the cooktop area, you should store spices, cooking oils, utensils, and pots and pans all in succession to make your cooking more efficient. Snaidero lets you organize your silverware and utensils drawers in different ways, using:

Stainless steel baskets: dishwasher-safe and adjustable, so you can arrange them the way you prefer;
Stainless steel inserts with movable dividers: so you can customize each space size;
Plastic drawer organizers: washable and very affordable;
Custom wood inserts for different types of utensils: a very elegant solution to keep your kitchen super organized.

The base cabinets around your cooking area work best when they feature full pull-outs and baskets accessorized to store distinct items. For example, in this section of the kitchen you might want to include: 

Pull-out cabinets with spice holders and cabinets with bottle storage for cooking oils and wines.

Pots and pans storage accessorized with a wooden peg system, which allows you to arrange the storage basket based on the size of the pots: the pegs help keep the pots and pans in place, so that they don’t scratch each other by moving whenever you open and close the cabinet.

Contemporary kitchens Snaidero - Lux

A separate storage solution with wooden inserts for lids: these keep the lids separated and neatly stored, making them easily identifiable.

Cutting boards designed to fit on the rails of the drawers: this allows you to store the cutting boards away when not in use and still have them within reach when needed.

Countertop and backsplash accessories

The goal for your countertops should be to keep them as easy to clean and uncluttered as possible. You can accomplish this by using a rail system fitted on the backsplash, with a variety of storage accessories attached to it to hold items that would normally be left on the countertop. Storage accessories for the rail can include: paper towel holder, empty shelf, dish rack, spice holder, notepad holder, small appliance holder, plastic wrap or foil holder and book rest for cookbooks.

Classic kitchens with wood Snaidero - Lux Classic - photo 5 modern kitchen orange

Remember that the kitchen’s accessories are an integral part of the design; make them part of your decision-making from the get-go and they will help you create a more functional and more elegant kitchen.

With all the available options, is there ever the risk of having too many kitchen accessories? 

(By Lois O’Malley, kitchen designer, Snaidero USA Los Angeles)

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