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11 September 2014
realizzazione cucina moderna Ola 20


Soft lines, smooth shapes, best space arrangement: this is Ola 20!

Furnishing luxurious apartments is quite a challenge: you need to design distinctive spaces with the "wow" decisive factor. You also need to keep a neutral basis in order to allow the owner’s personality to express. The clients of this apartment in Moscow have found the perfect balance.

This balance arose at first sight for model Ola 20.

finiture cucina Ola 20 in RussiaThis kitchen design strongly characterizes Ola 20: soft lines, smooth shapes, best space arrangement and an elegant worktop which supporting leg unmistakably distinguishes the Pininfarina studio sign. The corner lay-out with tall units is therefore fluid and functional, enhancing the sculptural support of the peninsula, in the dark wood single-leg version.

The purpose was to create an open space giving access to the dining and living area: the peninsula worktop, made of Black Rock laminate, perfectly meets this function by integrating a practical and functional wine cooler.

The choice of materials also helps to create a refined atmosphere, well-integrated into the metropolitan mood of the apartment: the worktop tonality matches with the Nordic White micalized lacquer made by Snaidero by means of a special technology inspired by the car industry: three layers of paint, manually applied in a special spraying booth, ensure a refined and elegant pearlescent effect.

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