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18 July 2017
Detail of modular kitchens Snaidero - Code - photo 1

Linear kitchen design: our tips

This is the ideal solution for long and narrow rooms, but also for wide places... Here below some examples of modern linear kitchen.

The ideal solution for long and narrow rooms, but also for wide places is a linear kitchen, which can become a unique project with a characteristic design without losing his functionality, also in the smallest lengths. Here below some examples of modern linear kitchen.


Here some compositional ideas from which you can take inspiration: the worktop become anti-stain reminding the same finish of the wall units, which with the solution tray-shelf are totally exclusives. Everything is intensified by the boiserie in wood which add a touch of warmth to the composition. Instead of high units, the mid-high columns are functional without weigh down the conception and you have the opportunity to create movement with the change of the finishing.

Cucine design economiche Snaidero - First - foto 1


The industrial style of LOFT allows to play with different finishes and elements: it mixes traditional wall units with open elements and with a boiserie as if they are a painting, than throw into confusion alternating different finishing in the base units and breaking the worktop. Finally, uses a open style hood with a refined design and the deed is done, you will have a really original solution!!

Cucine contemporanee Snaidero - Loft


Minimal design? Yes, but with a unique effect!

Using volumes and materials in a sage way, a linear kitchen too become a work of art. The precious finish of this LOOK are distinguished: white gloss lacquer, Metal Town aluminium and Carrara marble give brightness, timeless elegance and originality to your kitchen. The trademarks on the base unit’s channels and the wall units with a increased height play a leading role!

Cucine classiche Snaidero - Look


  • It is preferable not to position the plain cooking beside the wall or the closet because while you’re cooking it could be uncomfortable and you can not have enough place for the pots on the gas;
  • If you have enough place you can plan a wider  base unit compared to the cooktop or a base unit of 15 cm or 30 cm between the wall or the side of the wall and the cooktop’s unit (if this is 60 cm);
  • An other solution, which is functional as well as aesthetic, is to use open units to enliven the composition;

Cucine economiche design Snaidero - Feel - foto 3

  • Choose a 64cm increased depth top which allow to improve the view on the worktop. And furthermore the wall units won’t be too much close to your face while you are working on the top;
  • Since the work flow is for the most part lateral, you can plan a recessed plinth or with suspension effect, so you can go better up to the worktop and give character to the composition using distinguishing project units; 

Cucine contemporanee Snaidero - Way

  • The light is very important, that’s why a under the wall lighting can help you assuring a excellent visibility on the worktop without disturbing the eyes;

Dettaglio su cucine componibili Snaidero - Look - foto 1


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