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06 March 2014
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There are a host of environments in a home but there is one that in recent years is certainly gaining importance and attention: the kitchen.

We have been focusing on the importance of originality and quality in every form of design for some time. After all, we always underline that #all_is_design as long as attention and detail are a common foundation. Always.

There are a host of environments in a home but there is one that in recent years is certainly gaining importance and attention: the kitchen. These days the kitchen is increasingly exposed and perceived as an integral part of the living area, or in any case clearly visible due to the smaller and smaller spaces we live in. Thus guaranteeing top levels of liveability and quality is a must.

Snaidero kitchens stand out as excellent Italian products (in the picture), which base their operating methods on the certified quality industrial process. Materials, lines, spaces and colours become essential, in addition to their mere functions, which in any case must remain optimal for the day to day use of this environment.

Classic kitchens Snaidero - Orange​In the Orange and Code models of this Italian brand, for example, these concepts are clear and we can see how this room often and undoubtedly becomes the core of the home. A place that is full of activity and life; it is not by chance that also the same concept of the kitchen (a place to eat, so to speak) is rapidly spreading.

Modular, dynamic and customised solutions become crucial; colours and finishings to satisfy a younger and demanding target market, while still creating a warm and familiar mood to be experienced everyday. Because we and our lives are always at the centre.

Snaidero attracted us for what it manages to offer in this environment, hard-to-find details and flexibility that are also in line with (doubling the pleasure) the creativity of architects without too much conditioning.

The kitchen has become a true hybrid between the living space and the oven; books and crockery blend together and eliminate the now obsolete border between these two environments.

Understanding these spaces becomes vital to be able to live in the best way, without losing even one cm/squared of our house. There are no more borders and this can happen only if our spaces are based on original quality design.

Important Code and Orange innovations await you this April at Eurocucina (Kitchen furniture exhibition). These and other models will be presented with new and innovative solutions regarding both the materials and the layouts, to always remind us of the absence of borders between the kitchen and the living room, for a single and brand new living area.

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