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25 September 2017
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From the laminate to the marble, and then quartz, glass or the ceramic: the kitchen’s worktop is a fundamental element

From laminate to marble, and then quartz, glass or ceramic: the kitchen’s worktop is a fundamental element: obviously there isn’t a material, that you can consider the better one. Here, briefly, the elements that you have to consider when you choose the worktop.


If you are oriented toward a worktop which is overtime scratch-resistant, the materials with the stronger surfaces are CERAMIC, GRANITE, QUARTZ and GLASS. Obviously besides the scratch resistance, you should consider also its surface’s impact: the scratch shows itself differently depending to the finish (it stands out less on a light surface instead of a dark one).

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Ceramic worktop, one of the most resistant material.

stain resistance

Today, many surfaces are treated with anti-stains products, that even if they improve the surface’s resistance, don’t make it totally waterproof. Generally, the LAMINATE HPL is very suitable in the kitchen, as well as STEEL and CERAMIC, while the marble worktop is quite delicate, you have to deal with it accurately, being careful to not put acid products.

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The steel, one of the most hygienic materials

heat resistance

An other rather important parameter that you should take into account in the kitchen is the worktop’s heat resistance. For this indicator too, the most resistant surfaces are STEEL and CERAMIC, together with natural materials like MARBLES and GRANITES. Very carefully with the laminate and quartz worktops.

cucina contemporanea Idea

Granite Top, pure nature in the kitchen

better hygiene of the surface

A lot of people are so attentive to this theme, so much that they want to guarantee a perfect hygiene in the kitchen. Often the surface’s finish has an influence on it: generally, the more a surface is rough and matt, the easier it holds back the remains also after the cleaning, favouring the bacterial proliferation. About this factor, the unbeatable materials are steel, ceramic, quartzes and laminate.

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The ceramic top: hygienic, resistant, durable

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