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08 September 2017
realizzazione cucina classica Lux


The efficient use of the space has more to do with the way you organize it, then with its dimensions.


The kitchen designed along one wall lends itself especially to small rooms. The perfect dimension is a continuous wall long 3m. Choose built-in or hidden appliances for taking advantage of the space and consider a worktop big as possible: the widest part should be between the oven and the sink. The sliding doors could result more practical than those with the hinged opening. If the kitchen is part of an open room, consider the possibility to screen it with sliding or folding doors, in such a way that you can limit the possible unpleasant smells from the food cooking.

Dettaglio su cucine componibili Snaidero - Look - foto 1

layout on two walls 

The kitchen with furniture placed along two opposed walls guarantees a more efficient use of the space, as well as the favorite configuration of the professional chefs. It presents worktops on both sides of the room and, for having an easy access to the bases, the distance between the two opposite walls must be at least 120 cm. Make sure that the kitchen receives all the natural light that it can get, especially if it is placed in a narrow or dark room.

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The L kitchen is rather versatile, the furniture is aligned along two adjoining walls. It is functional when in the room you have also a table and allows to overcome the shortage of exploitable walls. Ideally, stovetop, fridge and sink should be separate from the worktop, so you can have an appropriate area for the preparation of the food. The corner area can be better exploited with a revolving storage compartment inside the container units.

realizzazione cucina moderna Orange


The “U” kitchen uses three walls of the room. It is safe, efficient, offers the biggest containment and work space and it is suitable both for the large and the small rooms. If the room is small, however, assure that in the center there is a space long at least 2m. The only disadvantage of this type of kitchen is that the main work surfaces could result too much far. To prevent this, in the long and narrow rooms or in the spacious kitchen the work triangle should develop in the lower side of the “U”.

Cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 7

island layout

The kitchen with island is suitable only for the wide rooms. It is possible to insert an island unit in a “U” or in a “L” kitchen for making the “work triangle” more compact. The island creates a separated preparation area and could be used like a container element or for insert a stove or a sink. Remember that, in such a case, the water and electric pipes should be arranged in the floor. When the guests are sitting on the other side of the island, they can chat with who is cooking without getting in the way. The island contributes also to make the room wider. But it must be designed carefully to avoid useless movements for those who are cooking. In its most essential version, this element transforms itself in a simple wood table, on which a group of people can get together for peeling, cutting or slicing the food. The kitchen with peninsula is right to create a food preparation or cooking area inside a spacious room.

realizzazione cucina moderna Way

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