04 September 2017
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Gas or induction cooking? When someone speaks about induction, there are a lot of doubts. We tried to answer to the common questions!

Induction cooking is a new technology? No, it isn’t.

The induction is a relatively recent technology just for the Italian market. The induction stoves have been on the European market at least 20 years and today  we are to the third generation. Italy has the advantage to have a products’ range totally innovative in terms of performance, innovation, security and reliability.

How do induction cooktops works?

The induction is an electric and magnetic phenomenon  used for creating heat and cooking the food. This stove is made of a glass-ceramic cooktop, which hides some coils with copper filaments. The electric energy, passing through the coils, develops induced currents, which heat the pot and cook the food.

The induction acts on the food?

No, it doesn’t. During the induction cooking, the heat warms up only the pot and, unlike what happens in the microwave, it doesn’t act directly on the food. The induction is an alternative coking system compared to the electric or gas stove. You have not to change your favourite recipes, as well as the tastes and the flavours.

Induction cooking costs more than conventional cooking? No, it doesn’t.

Efficiency is one of the induction advantage. The induction cooktop take full advantages of power of electric energy, obtaining the heat faster compared to gas or electric stoves. When you cook with the induction stove you exploit the 90% of the absorbed energy, whereas with an induction stove you use only the 55%.

Can I cook directly on the induction stove without using the pot?

No, you can’t. You can’t use the induction stove like a grill because it starts when it notices the contact of the pot. The top doesn’t heat up because the heat is generated just where is needed, namely under the pot.

The top  is simple to clean?

Yes, it is. The top still remains cold and the top cleaning is definitely easier because the surface is totally smooth. A wet sponge and a few drops of dish soap are enough for a beautiful, shiny and perfect top. Besides the absence of grills and burners it makes the faster cleaning compared to that of a normal gas stove.

The induction stove is safer than a gas stove?

Yes, it is. The safety is one of the induction cooking advantage: they remain cold also during the cooking, so much that you can put your hand on the pot without burning yourself. Unlike the gas or electric stove, that during the cooking warms up, with the induction warms up only the pot.

If the kids play in the kitchen do they risk to get burned?

No, they can’t. Also in case of accidental lighting, when the detector doesn’t  feel the pot on the top, the cooking won’t be activated. Therefore it doesn’t produce heat and after some seconds the top turns off by himself. For a further safety, most of the  induction cooktops are equipped with a safety device, which allows to stop the lighting.

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