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18 February 2020

If you leave me, it doesn’t count

How many times have we been left behind, from an evening with friends, a holiday or any special occasion for meeting up

Everyone is there, but they have forgotten about us. There is even someone who is never there, someone who always says no and someone who last time we decided not to call anymore. And this offended us because it was an important occasion, because who knows when it will happen again and because we really wanted to be there. Or maybe because we care more about being on the guest list than attending the event. We are hurt because they left us at home and went to have fun.

Ok. We stay home feeling sad and angry. The first image that we have of ourselves probably involves us doing all those jobs that we have been putting off for some time, while, tired and sweaty, we think of our friends celebrating.

But homes are not only this: our home is the result of every choice, every moment and every purchase, even the smallest, made with a lot of love for ourselves so that we can feel good there every day. Enough talk, this is our moment. Let’s sit down in the kitchen, the centre of our house. Let’s turn on our favourite music; USB sockets will help us charge our device if needed.


Let’s turn off the light because we have our own line of LEDs that create the right atmosphere.



And let’s drink to our health!

If we look at our reflection on the glass, we will probably seem pretty happy.

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