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20 February 2017
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It is nice to feel good, especially in the kitchen. And the right lighting helps you work well there and now also to save money with the new led solutions!

The kitchen is a multifunctional environment, a workplace and a place where you need to do lots of things, but it is also a place where you relax, welcome people into your home and enjoy other activities, such as reading, studying and cooking. The multifunctional nature of your kitchen means that the right lighting is essential. The right lighting protects your sight, which can be seriously damaged by poor lighting, if you are cooking or working there, or doing something specific, due to the constant strain on your eyes. Excessively bright light or insufficient light are the culprits here. The right lighting is also an extremely important factor in guaranteeing a general feeling of mental and physical well-being.

Snaidero has chosen exclusively LED solutions for its lighting project

LEDs have revolutionised the lighting sector. They last over 20 years, they can be integrated into lamps, allowing new designs, and consume an extremely small amount of power compared to incandescent light bulbs. That is why they are the most intelligent, functional and sustainable solution. The advantages of led lighting are:

Long-lasting. LED lights have an extremely long life, up to 25 years or 50,000 hours of service.

Practical. LED lights have a particularly sturdy and simple design: ideal characteristics during transport and assembly of the kitchen.

Low heat. GDue to their extremely low energy consumption, LED lights give off very little heat.

Energy saving. LED lights consume an extremely small amount of energy: 90% less than traditional light bulbs. They offer the ideal solution for innovative lighting systems in the kitchen, as well as allowing savings in energy costs.

Not only savings, but COMFORT as well

Our system involves exclusive use of Led lights with a COLOUR TEMPERATURE ranging between 4000 (K) and 4200 (K), for a NATURAL LIGHT EFFECT. By definition, the colour temperature serves to classify the colour of a light emitted by a bulb, measuring it in Kelvin (K) degrees. The higher the colour temperature, the cooler the light emitted; in contrast, if the colour temperature is low, the diffused light will appear warmer. For a lively and lived-in space like a kitchen, we have chosen the light colours which are closest to natural light, to allow you to work and cook almost as if your were out in the open air.

Another extremely important aspect for the quality of lighting is its direction: particularly in the preparation areas, it is important for the solution integrated into the shelves or cupboards to light the surfaces correctly without disturbing the eyes by being too direct. In our solution, the multi-led lights are turned inwards to offer better lighting in the work area, avoiding direct light in your eyes.

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