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25 July 2013

Design your dining experience: Enjoying food with all 5 senses

The dining experience should be a ritual, not a perfunctory act, and eating should be a joy to indulge in with all your five senses.

In Medieval times, banquets were a feast of the senses; a carefully crafted production. Sure, our lifestyle has changed almost completely since then…but that doesn’t mean we should stop enjoying our food to the fullest. With the constant noise of our busy lives functioning as a distraction, we often don’t even know what we’re eating anymore.

Having a beautifully designed kitchen with ambiance lighting, textured materials, a pleasant color palette and soothing lines is the right start to set the scene for a great dining experience. Yet, it doesn’t end there. Whether you are entertaining guests, having a nice family meal, or even eating alone, you should always try engaging your senses.

Make it a treat for the eyes.Use linens, plates, and silverware that make the colors of your food stand out. Garnish your dishes with beautiful food presentations and take a moment to enjoy the sight before you dig in.
Smell first, eat second. Scents are a big component of taste and can help you make your dining experience so much more enjoyable, so use this sense for a prelude of what’s to come and try to distinguish every aroma contained in the dish in front of you.
Savor every bite. Eat slowly, taking the time to acknowledge the flavors and consistency of all the ingredients in every dish.
Make it a tactile experience. Etiquette might call for us to not eat with our hands all the time but our sense of touch can bring us closer to the food we eat. Value the process of picking and preparing the raw ingredients for your recipes, knead the dough, break the bread with your hands, and indulge in some finger food.

Finally, don’t overlook the sounds of your kitchen as you prepare your meals. If you enjoy the process of cooking, the sounds can build the anticipation of later savoring the food.

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