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20 October 2014
realizzazione cucina moderna Code-Way


Tailor made excellence, utilizing space and Snaidero design in a different way.

Snaidero believes that the kitchen is a place of love and life, and everyone has their own meaning and experiences in this place. Therefore, no kitchen should be the same. This apartment in Russia demonstrates how each Snaidero kitchen can be customized and adapted to fit the client’s individual needs. 

realizzazione cucina moderna Code-Way

The combination of two designs, the Code and Way is presented in this kitchen, taking the design one step further and showing how different elements in different kitchens are able to be integrated with one another. The clean and sleek elements of the Way with endless surfaces and handle-less cabinets combined with the functionality of the Code give the client a new meaning for their kitchen.

The purpose of combining these two kitchens gives the client the opportunity to bring together two different ideas, and include their own desires into the design. Features of the Way, such as the meticulous detail and lines of the cabinets, as well as the clear architectural design perspective give this kitchen a clean aesthetic and style. These characteristics, coupled with the personal choices that the Code allows, represents the clients personal style and signature encapsulated in the kitchen.

realizzazione cucina moderna Code-Way

In this kitchen, Code is expressed in the handles of the cabinets as well as pull out drawers and worktops that are combined with longline cupboards and handle-less cabinets seen in the design of the Way. The interesting perspective of the client to combine these two design choices, and mix the different elements translates to a signature kitchen, catering to all needs of the clients, where they are able to enjoy the heart of their home in their own unique way.

realizzazione cucina moderna Code-Way​​

Cabinets that reach the ceilings, as well as colours and textures of the worktops and the ceilings demonstrate different ways in which the kitchen can be brought together through few design elements. This is an especially unique design element owing to the adaptability of the kitchen cabinets to the specific features of the room, found in the Code and Way kitchens. The island is used in this kitchen as an extra worktop, as well as providing a break in the apartment between the kitchen and the dining room, once again proving how adaptable the kitchen is able to be for each specific client.

realizzazione cucina moderna Code-Way​​​

The design gives the ability to blend into the aesthetics of the home, and rather than constituting to a separate entity, becomes part of the home, and a space where activity happens all around. This particular design enables the process of coming together, through the easy connection of the different rooms in the house.​

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