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14 May 2014
Classic kitchens Snaidero - Orange


Which you should have the kitchen of your future house? It tells us her experience Elizabeth in her blog Er-interiordesign.

I have to confess this: I don't like cooking at all. And I do not go crazy for kitchens too.

Maybe that's because I grew up in a home where kitchen and burners were forbidden to me ( I didn't suffer from this limit anyway...), in that classical-styled kitchen in dark wood, inside that room called 'the kitchen' where my parents use to spend so much time, instead than myself, I just used to go there to eat and go, close the door and bye bye kitchen .

Things haven't changed so much since I left parents' home, in fact I keep touching my kitchen just when it's absolutely essential, cooking fast meals. But the main difference is that at present the "kitchen" (which has become a "kitchenette" now, poor her! ) is always there, staring at me: when I'm on the couch watching my favorite tv show, or when I'm typing on the ipad, or when I'm drawing on my laptop, or also while I'm reading my magazine listening to the radio. It has become a cumbersome presence in my life, this "kitchen". Perhaps I should start to take you, Kitchen, into account a little bit more...? Or perhaps you could make a little effort to adapt to myself?

Here my shortlist of your requirements I will keep in my mind when I'm buying The Kitchen for my new home (yes I live in a "transient" home right now):

kitchen requirements

When I've watched the interview to Michele Marcon, designer for Snaidero, I was surprised to find out all the answers to my requirements...maybe the designer has readen in my mind while designing his Code and Orange kitchens?? So, let's see more in details these two kitchens...

Code Evolution on the blog Er-interiordesign

Code Evolution by Snaidero summarizes the trends of the moment , with its "urban" style with vintage details , clean lines and light colors, for a contemporary and young kitchen . First, I would like to focus on the choice of materials and finishes: the laminate wood with a "used "effect on one side and with the effect "concrete" on the other hand, matched to Peltrox steel, are typical of the industrial mood, as well as the white brick wall on the backrest of the kitchen, which is also very easy and fast to clean.

The shapes are simple and clean , but they are combined with some sophisticated details that evoke a vintage mood, such as the hood similar in shape to the lanterns on the light towers of the harbours, or the nordic style pendant lamps; you can also customize the doors of the cabinets, because they can be printed with custom graphics .

Further than an appealing and modern aestethical aspect, it is also important to point to the flexibility and versatility of Code Evolution: the new kitchen closets has become a multi-purpose space suitable for smaller homes, and they may be used as a pantry, but also as a mini-laundry, or even as a bolier container.
Orange Evolution on the blog Er-interiordesign

Orange Evolution is the perfect sample of integration between kitchen and living space .

Primary monochromatic volumes, combined with color elements - with a customizable color palette - are interchanged with very light elements such as the large bookcase, where the frame becomes the main element of the whole omposition. The frame is also repeated under the table top and into the bases, in order to emphasize the continuity between the kitchen and the living room, because this kitchen was designed especially for the modern "open space" interiors...A framed base that makes the various elements look like they are suspended, with an effect of lightness to the whole composition .

Here, as it was for Code, the choice of materials and finishes has been essential in the design: the kitchen is composed by a laminate with an high technological component, with a very minimal light finish that stands out even more in the match with the coloured backrest, that has a geometric texture which reminds of ethnic shapes and give an extra original touch to the kitchen.

And the choice of materials is a strong point of the designer's style, in fact in his interview Marcon recommended young designers to focus in the very first stage of design on the study of materials and of their technological characteristics , even more than on the form of the object.




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