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Life at home nowadays revolves more and more around the kitchen environment. For this reason the purchase of a new kitchen is an emotional moment which can prove to be difficult.
Snaidero offers the availability of a team of experts that will answer your queries about your choice, the planning and the maintenance of your kitchen.

Send to us all your queries and our experts will answer promptly!

  • irena.nikolic's pictureirena.nikolic

    16 August 2018 |

    Kitchen design

    Dear Snaidero, I love your design.I would like to have snaidero kitchen. I like FRAME & LOOK designs... Colors light grey to white, marble... Can I send you photos of my space so that you can advice me on design and details. Is it possible to have this kind of consultation before purchase? Best regards, Irena
    Anonymous's picture

    29 August 2018

    Dear Irena, we are so glad of your interest on our kitchens. We suggest you to visit one of our showrooms where you will find professional designers who will give you all the informations and show you all the solutions and finishing for your kitchen. In that way you will have a customed project for your space before purchace.
    Click on the following link to look for the closest showroom: Snaidero showrooms

  • Ricky3414's pictureRicky3414

    19 July 2018 |

    New kitchen for condo

    Hi I am wondering if you guys will do the kitchen design to fit the space for a new condo
    Anonymous's picture

    19 July 2018

    Hi, you can ask all informations to our commercial branch SNAIDERO USA at this address:

  • Ricky3414's pictureRicky3414

    19 July 2018 |

    Delivery to Canada

    Have you guys ever shipped out to Canada before
    Anonymous's picture

    19 July 2018

    Hi, you can ask all informations to our commercial branch SNAIDERO USA at this address:

  • kateparkington's picturekateparkington

    31 January 2018 |

    Doors only?

    We have a Snaidero kitchen. Is it possible to just replace the door/drawer? I.e just the frontage and not the entire unit?
    Anonymous's picture

    01 February 2018

    Hello Kateparkington,
    we confirm you that, in general terms, in any kitchen it is possible to replace just the fronts and not the entire unit.
    However, in the absence of any specific detail about your kitchen (model, finish, year of purchase, availability/compatibility with existing range of products), we invite you to contact the dealer whom you purchased your Snaidero kitchen from in order to get more precise and specific information and details about such feasibility.

  • eric's pictureeric

    08 September 2015 |


    Goodmorning, We have bought a Snaidero kitchen (Way) which will be installed at the end o f the year. We have chosen a 4 door cabinet with wood against the backwall and a cooking-island 257 x 120.At one side of the island we have drawers (120) and on the other side 4 cabinets (cos of the dishwasher).Lately I have been trying to find out what accesories there are (like a better system for the knives instead of the plastic one that comes standard), what pull-out drawers can be installed in the wallcabinet so I don't need to bend down very deep to see whats in the cabinet (I have a bad back), what pullout metal system there is for the cabinet under the sink, etc.I can't find a good brochure that has all the possibilities na d the company that sold the kitchen didn't give us the possibilities when we bought the kitchen (which is rather stupid of them, but such is life...). Could you please direct me to an overview of all the extra's? Thank you, Kind regards, Eric Bal
    Anonymous's picture

    08 September 2015

    Hello Eric,
    we recommend you to contact the retailer where you bought your kitchen and ank them to assit you with the selection of all the accessories fitting your space and needs.

  • natalya's picturenatalya

    06 September 2015 |

    price request

    what would be export cost of kitchen model as it si on picture with all components except el. equipment?
    Anonymous's picture

    07 September 2015

    Dear Natalya,
     in order to get the information and the prices you need about our components, please contact one of our authorised dealers.

    Click here to find the closest dealer to your area