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One of Snaidero's strong points is the breadth and depth of its range, allowing for "tailor-made" designs that can meet the customer's design requirements and price positioning. In this way we are also able to offer diverse and customised solutions within the same project.  Doors and finishes can be developed ad hoc. In addition, the product can be sent either assembled or disassembled based on the project requirements.

Another strong point that has allowed Snaidero to achieve such success in the world of contract work is surely the fact that it is able to offer a product with a refined design that is entirely "Made in Italy". In this way it is able to guarantee an extremely high level of material and component quality (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA8000 certifications), together with the ability to produce customised kitchens in large quantities based on the specifications requested by the customer:  Snaidero’s designers are able to offer various finishes for the same project without any additional costs. Doors and finishes can be developed ad hoc at the request of the customer: uniquely flexible products, with ability to design all types of non-standard components and provide made-to-measure solutions for all project requirements.

In addition, whenever the project requires it, Snaidero is able to offer a network of partners complementary to the world of kitchens able to provide ad hoc solutions, all strictly Made in Italy. These partners are able to provide the same standard of quality and service to satisfy design requirements in other areas of the home.

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