kitchen design Ola 25 black

OLA 25 Limited Edition

Pininfarina Design

CLASSIC, UNPRECEDENTED AND AUDACIOUS are the three words which best describe the attitude to take in creating a "tailor-made" OLA 25. Brimming with the values Snaidero and Pininfarina have always shared: innovation, elegance and passion. 


An interpretation of the kitchen which looks towards the future, provocative, audacious, with soft, pure and sensual lines. Pininfarina decided to base its design on a formal interpretation of Sergio himself, the latest Concept Car, striving to combine the very best traditions of Pininfarina, which has produced many concept cars or unique models, recognised as masterpieces over time. Ola25 has an Extra Black matt micalised lacquer finish, with undertop profiles in red metallised lacquer finish. The worktop is glass, with a gloss finish, while the sculpture-like support of the peninsula worktop, in carbon fibre, has clear brush strokes of colour.

cucina moderna Ola 25 black cucina moderna Ola 25  


The proposal is an expression of experimentation and innovation in terms of colours, materials and design, The fluid, light and iconic composition enhances the almost sculpture-like support of the island worktop, which is made of carbon fibre with a glossy black lacquer finish. Ola 25 is presented in an unprecedented island worktop version with doors in a Champagne-coloured micalised lacquer finish and a clear black glass worktop.

cucina moderna Ola 25  cucina moderna Ola 25


This version of Ola 25 is a contemporary reinterpretation of the stylistic features and historical elements of the design. The angular development offers a compact and simultaneously comprehensive view of the kitchen, presented in a version with a refined glossy white lacquer finish, developed by craftsmen on the shaped elements of the product. The distinguishing elements of the kitchen, such as the support of the peninsula worktop and the profiles, have the new Bronze lacquer finish.

cucina moderna Ola 25 white cucina moderna Ola 25

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