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10 February 2014
cucina moderna orange


With accessories that are “dynamic” and arranged in such a way as to make your domestic tasks more functional

Preparing food with a Snaidero kitchen becomes a pleasant activity, a moment of sharing and experimenting thanks to an arrangement of spaces and domestic tasks that leaves nothing to chance. Great design importance was given to functional solutions for accessorised drawers, large drawers and tall units, making a Snaidero kitchen, a KITCHEN-WORKSHOP WITH A WARM TASTE AND TEXTURE.

The inside of drawers, large drawers and tall units have been designed with wood finish bottom panels and equipped with accessories in bleached solid ash wood: a perfect arrangement of internal areas, sensory quality as well as multitasking functionality, thanks to the possibility of using accessories separately to manage the internal storage as well as to assist operating activities during preparation phase.

cucina moderna orange  cucina moderna orange

In order to ensure top space organisation, Snaidero foresees two ranges of interiors which to choose between: Natural and Elegance. The former presents drawers and baskets equipped with steel sides covered with white-shaded varnishes, as well as a bottom in light ash finish. The second features drawers and baskets with stainless steel sides, equipped with bottom in dark ash finish. Both solutions can be fully extracted to offer top comfort.

cucina moderna orange  cucina moderna orange

The drawer and large drawer pull-out system has two sliding runners with shock absorbers by Blum - a world leading company in the production of kitchen accessories - that ensure a soft run when the drawers are pulled out completely and soft opening and closing movement. The excellent characteristics of the run are guaranteed by the perfect synergy between the coated stainless steel and the plastic low-wearing and tearing rollers.

tiroir cuisine moderne équipée  intérieurs cuisine moderne équipée  intérieurs cuisine moderne équipée

A slowing down system that is provided as standard even in the hinge system - the components that fixed the door to the body of the unit - guarantees a gradual and silent door closing even when the doors are slammed shut. The adjustable system adapts to different closing speeds and door weights.

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