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certificazione fsc snaideroThe Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an independent non-profit non-governmental organisation set up in order to better world forest management from both an environmental and social point of view whilst sustaining economic viability.

In addition to forest management certification, FSC® also has a certification system for companies that work with wood. It certifies all wood transformation stages. It is known as chain-of-custody certification and companies that work with it can exhibit the FSC brand on the products they process and sell.

Snaidero has been FSC® certified. The high quality materials and processes that it ensures are constantly being upgraded to exceed customer expectations.This FSC® certification means that Snaidero has satisfied FSC standards on Chain of Custody (CoC) and is authorised to process, transform and sell FSC products in compliance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council®.
FSC® certification also bears witness to Snaidero's undertaking to use this certification method on furniture carcases and on lacquered cabinets. It could also choose to handle FSC® products for major contracts which do not fall within these two categories. 

certificazione fsc snaidero​ certificazione fsc snaidero


Because FSC® certified products mean more responsibly managed forests, woodland rescued from excessive wood harvesting, less timber coming from indiscriminate tree felling, more forestland where there is respect for the local population and workers and areas where wildlife habitats and biodiversity are prioritised.

When you opt for a Snaidero kitchen today, you also receive a guarantee on how the materials are used and where they come from. The wood in your kitchen does not only contribute to the beauty of your home surrounds, it also stands for responsibly managed sources, meaning forests forever - for you, your children and your children's children.

By choosing FSC®-certified companies and products, consumers drive manufacturers and industry towards more a responsible line of conduct. In the long run, this spells out as sustainable forestland for generations to come.

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