For Snaidero being socially responsible means operating in the best way and being responsible for one’s own actions. There are three pillars that solidly and objectively support our commitment to being a socially responsible company:

In 1995 Snaidero was the first Italian company in the sector to be awarded with the international “ISO 9001:1994” certification for its “Company Quality System”. In 2001 once again it was the first company in the sector to be recognised for its compliance with the regulations set out in the new “ISO 9001:2000” standard. If the first certification - “ISO 9001:1994” - is focused on “Quality Assurance” and its main purpose is to provide customers with a guarantee that the product supplied to them conforms to determined quality requirements, the new standard - “ISO 9001:2000” - instead focuses on “Quality Management”. This goes well beyond the objectives set out in the first standard, aiming to provide "complete customer satisfaction". This means shaping the company to comply with certain operating practices that place the customer at the centre of every process:

  • analysing their needs and transforming them into requirements;
  • creating the products/services requested and analysing customer satisfaction with the product/service received;
  • implementing activities that aim for the continuous improvement of the management system and the product/service provided.

In addition to this, in 2003, Snaidero was amongst the first companies to receive the international environmental certification “UNI EN ISO 14001”. Receiving this certification means not only that the Company's organisational and manufacturing system respects the strict standards set out by the ISO (International Standardization Organization), but also certifies the Company's ability to manage extraordinary events and emergencies that could cause damage to the environment. By implementing this model, the Company makes the process of continuous improvement its main principle, even in terms of environmental efficiency. It therefore officially commits itself not only to maintaining the results it has achieved, but to reaching new ones, continuously improving its standards.

At the root of these efforts is Snaidero's firmly held conviction that our ecosystem should be protected and preserved for future generations. This is only possible by adopting a solid and strict “Environmental Management System”. This naturally implies the continuous preparation of environmental impact improvement plans, which are systematically checked by management and the proprietors. This is how the "Environmental Management System" adopted by the Company is able to ensure improved safety for everyone. Not only for those that work at Snaidero and in the surrounding communities, but also customers, who by choosing a certified Snaidero kitchen are making a sound environmentally-friendly and eco-sustainable choice.