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FLEXIBILITY AS A SYNONYM OF FREEDOM. Every one of us has a strong desire to design their own domestic space, freely customising it and giving it a strong aesthetic and design identity. Venus is a kitchen with its own design intelligence built-in, able to provide maximum freedom for interpreting and customising different spaces. It is able to interpret a very diverse range of compositional solutions thanks to its elements, which are dynamically characterised by continuous variations in height and depth.

LIGHT LINES. Elegance is expressed by light forms and volumes. In Venus this lightness is communicated by the design of the surfaces and shelves. The use of aluminium allows for the creation of curved forms with mirrored or symmetrical trends and a great visual lightness. The wall units are also conceived with the same logic of continuous and sinuous alignment. The strong aesthetic impact of the dynamic surfaces doesn't compromise their ergonomics and functionality. The work area for example (dedicated to washing and cooking), is deeper in order to provide more usable space. The rise towards the sides allows for both the inclusion of a drawer as well as the creation of a useful top.

TECHNOLOGY EMPLOYED TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF WORK. Light is no longer just a functional or decorative element. Architecture and light are two systems that are ever more closely connected, with the aim of improving the environments we live in. LED lighting in particular is a field of advanced technological experimentation. In Venus light is an integral part of the design: a true suggestive element that strongly denotes the kitchen's architecture. The innovative solution adopted here (patented by Snaidero), consists of the inclusion of densely packed LED spotlights in the slim aluminium shelf, providing real advantages in terms of durability, energy savings and visual well-being.

cucina moderna venus  cucina moderna venus

MAXIMUM STORAGE AT YOUR SERVICE. Venus storage cupboards provide a rational storage solution that is both spacious and highly ergonomic. A 120 cm cupboard for example, can be used to house either a kitchen appliance (oven, dishwasher or coffee machine), or used as a spacious storage cupboard. A smooth 30 cm column can also be easily removed to reveal useful, spacious and easily accessible shelves.