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SIMPLICITY. Choosing simplicity comes easy to Lucci and Orlandini, who when creating this design, chose to avoid the use of complex electromechanical mechanisms in order to eliminate the risks posed by black outs and failures and also to keep the end cost low. In Skyline_lab the concept of design is broadened to become Universal Design, in other words a type of design that eliminates any complexity in the product's use, making it suitable for any user, even the least specialised and the least able.

cucina moderna skyline lab  cucina moderna skyline lab  cucina moderna skyline lab

The worktop has an enveloping shape that is particularly ergonomic, allowing a seated person to reach every area and every object they need. The edge is rounded and free of corners and there are spacious areas for eating. The space under the worktop is completely free and accessible. The special rotating units on the worktop are characterised by shelf rails that prevent the accidental fall of objects and by glass shelves that allow users to see what is on them from a seated position. The sink is specially designed with lowered basins so that a wheelchair user can easily place their legs in the space under the sink and wash up from a seated position.

ERGONOMICS. The aim of Skyline_lab is to create a relationship between function and object, supporting the user's independence, guiding them along ergonomically practicable and flexible routes that respect reduced physical ability. Skyline_lab allows you to move with immediacy in a small space, keeping all kitchen utensils close to hand. It allows you to work by making only essential movements, speeding up your actions and making you feel free in your own space. The usability of the surfaces allows for the continuous exploration of the worktops, highlighting the limits of the space. Skyline_lab is the kitchen that adapts to its user and not vice versa.

CUSTOMISATION. There is an ever-stronger desire to distinguish oneself and be treated as an individual, and this need leads to the search for customisation in all products. The catchword is “Tailor-made just for you”  and in this sense Skyline_lab allows you to build the space around your body, modelling the surfaces to suit your taste and imagination. Forms, dimensions, colours, and materials: everything can be changed and modelled, every detail is designed to be able to adapt to the space and to peoples' ever increasingly personal tastes.

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