cucina moderna kube



PROFESSIONAL OPERABILITY AND CLEAN LINES. Kube makes optimum use of the available space: its work areas are simple and essential with distinct functions (washing, cooking, food preparation and storage), which are harmoniously integrated. The work area is a flat linear volume, dry and clean, whose worktop is overhung by a bright and continuous shelf. The body of this area is plastically dominated by the full and protruding block formed by the sinks and cooking area. The overall look is further enhanced by an elegant extractor hood - patented by Snaidero - which fits perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. The work area is completed by an elegant open cabinet, available in stainless steel and equipped with an intermediate shelf in the same finish. This provides a practical and elegant surface for different objects, above all during washing and food preparation stages.

STYLISH DETAILS: THE HANDLE. The 22 mm thick doors can be opened - in the version without handles - by a Blum servo-drive mechanism, or by an elegant handle in glossy white lacquer or stainless steel finish.

HINTS OF LIGHT. Light is a fundamental element in Kube and it follows the same rectilinear rhythm of the forms, providing the kitchen with intimacy and atmosphere. It achieves this to the point of becoming an attractive and elegant element in itself. The continuous fluorescent lighting is housed along the shelf in the wall-mounted composition and lights the food preparation area.

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