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AUTHENTICALLY CLASSIC. Florence is not a series of forms drawn from antiques but rather a cultural derivation from the historical period that represents a highlight in the history of Italian architecture. The dignity and authenticity of the design derive from having followed the architectural principles of the Renaissance, with its typical elements and harmonious rules (symmetry, balance, overlapping elements). All the functional elements, such as the handles, doors and worktops, make precise references to classical symbolism. The use of strong design features such as capitals, columns and frames make Florence a highly distinctive micro-architectural design. The cupboards that replace the wall units provide a strong sense of the living room and are therefore able to blend in to a context of fluid and shared spaces in a natural and sophisticated way.

cucina classica florence  cucina classica florence  cucina classica florence

REFINED AND PRECIOUS MATERIALS. The precious nature of Florence is expressed through its style, which is rich in personality and cultural and design values. The choice and combination of noble and historically precious materials such as wood, mirrored glass and classic marbles is at once both recognisable and original. The marbles have refined detailing with a strong personality, with bas-reliefs that bring to mind a level of craftsmanship that has now been lost. All the materials, despite being rooted in the past, are presented here in a strongly contemporary way. In Florence elegance is transmitted above all through the use of doors with mirrored glass, which alternate transparency and opacity based on the play of light. When the lights are off these doors have the effect of dilating the space and creating greater depth; when the lights are on however, they create an evocative effect that veils the objects inside them.

SPACE WITH MAXIMUM FUNCTIONALITY. From a functional and compositional point of view Florence enhances the working areas with changes in depth and shaped protruding surfaces that increase the amount of useful space. The washing and cooking areas are located in the working block, which protrudes and has a variable depth. The protrusion can be placed to the right or left or on both sides, to greatly increase the size of the work area. Maximum functionality and storage space are provided by spacious cupboards (with increased depth), which are able to house any kind of domestic appliances. Lastly, even the columns that complete the composition are actually also storage spaces.


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