classic kitchen certosa



THE DOORS, PRECIOUS SURFACES. The design of the doors aims to communicate the warmth of tradition by simplifying the lines, which are often seen as too present these days. The double moulding of the frame creates a play of shadows over the surface that accentuates its depth. The choice of simple forms creates a strong balance between traditional materials - i.e. wood - and the modern nature of the lines. The Campiello handle (available in a fixed size and in alpaca finish) is characterised by the smooth ergonomics of its design, which reinforces the overall elegance of the model.

cucina classica certosa  cucina classica certosa

THE EXTRACTOR HOOD, THE FOCAL POINT OF THE DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENT. As the focal point of the environment, the extractor hood strongly recalls the traditional hearth, which was always the focus of food preparation in the past. Its clean lines bring the ancient concept of the fireplace up to date and make the cooking area into a truly functional space. The extractor hood is also equipped with a steel flue pipe (also available in shaped steel), an 800 m3/h motor, comprehensive lighting and two side columns equipped with storage spaces.

PRECIOUS DETAILS: BOISERIE. The boiserie brings a truly refined look to the design, repeating the same slatted design as the wood back panel. The upper part features a frame with built-in lighting, whilst the surface is able to hold a series of small shelves, also lit, that can be positioned based on your needs.

cucina classica certosa  cucina classica certosa

STORAGE SOLUTIONS. A functional and elegant solution is provided by the glass wall units (54cm high), which are characterised by sliding opening. The special design of the panelled glass and opening system provide the system with new modern look. The opening of the wall units is facilitated by the use of a refined recessed handle in alpaca finish. The base units also feature innovative sliding doors: made entirely from wood, they create an original way of recovering further useful storage space. Available in sizes of 180 and 240 cm, they are ideal for completing island or peninsula areas.

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