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MAN AT THE CENTRE. Just as in the ancient world the Acropolis represented the most important area, the beating heart of the city, so Acropolis the kitchen represents the nucleus of the home, around which family life is organised. A kitchen that is able to bring the culture of food and its extraordinary symbolic heritage back to the centre of our lives. Acropolis has rhythmic and ergonomic forms that dominate the space; every one of its aesthetic elements combines smooth lines with a precise practical function. The design transmits a message strongly oriented towards the realisation and evolution of new lifestyles. The choice of technological materials such as steel and aluminium and the use of suspended elements, achieved by honeycomb panels with special processing, make Acropolis a truly avant-garde design. The entire structure of the model is charged with real and perceived technology. The vertical elements such as the support pillars and extractor hood are made entirely from stainless steel. The pillars also contain a complete wiring system for the entire structure, which highlights the electrical sockets housed inside it. The cylindrical extractor hood, also made from stainless steel, is an important supporting element for the structure as well as being a highly distinctive feature. Equipped with an extractor motor, it becomes the focal point of the circular composition. The structure of the model is made from aluminium and this provides a further perception of smoothness and lightness in the forms. 800 m3

cucina moderna acropolis  cucina moderna acropolis

AVANT-GARDE ARCHITECTURE. The dynamic architectural conformation of this model is composed of vertical and horizontal elements that unite with each other seamlessly thanks to the use of dedicated joints that complete the overall look with their exclusive design. A completely innovative lighting system built-into the upper shelves uses special LEDs to highlight the worktop surfaces. The cooking - washing block is designed to envelop the user. Made from stainless steel, it is equipped with a built-in glass-ceramic hob and two round steel sinks. Its special shape ensures ease of use and comfort in a place where everything should be close to hand. There is full access to all the compartments in the kitchen, even in the lower part. The drawer units, which can also be converted to oven, dishwasher and under-sink base units, dedicate space to storage whilst still maintaining the airiness and cleanliness of the forms. The only area that is separate from this concentric system is that dedicated to a series of cupboards that frame a useful area for storing food. The refrigerator, larder, oven and dishwasher are combined into a compact nucleus by the elegant aluminium edging that surrounds them. Stainless steel doors complete the scene and make these appliances look truly professional.

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