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Vision Pininfarina The mark of perfect geometry A simple gesture, a beautiful sensation. The fluid lines of Vision evoke person-centred ergonomics, pure emotion. Detail The design concept encapsulates the modern urge for fluid domestic spaces, with surfaces that flow and materials that immediately convey a sense of… Read More


Ola Pininfarina The curved line moving life Ola is a formal synthesis of fluid movement and soft, curved lines; bringing evolved, ergonomic and luxurious dynamics to the home. Detail Technology and handcraft: the design of the island and peninsula leg support, is a trademark of the Pininfarina… Read More


Frame Massimo Iosa Ghini Modern kitchen mix of styles A modern kitchen design that includes industrial and classical influences in an interesting mix of styles. Detail The doors are framed and without handles, guaranteeing a perfect combination of style and personality. The door is available in the… Read More


Kelly Massimo Iosa Ghini The classic under a contemporary lens Kelly is a cabinetry line for homeowners who like modern kitchen design but have a taste for the “old fashioned” and more ornate details. Detail With Kelly traditional design precepts have been revisited with a view to… Read More