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AN EASY KITCHEN WITH A SIMPLE QUALITY. Solid, in accordance with the Snaidero tradition, fresh and youthful in its forms and minimalist in its freedom from superfluous elements. Orange responds to the requirements of those who want to make a safe choice, a choice that is "for life" and that never gets boring.

cucina moderna orange  cucina moderna orange

A SMART KITCHEN_INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS. Time and space are becoming increasingly precious resources. This is why Orange offers intelligent functional solutions, in terms of storage and space organisation. These solutions can help you save time and effort, making this a kitchen that is truly at your service.

AN ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY KITCHEN _RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT. A kitchen inspired by the principles of sobriety and moderation. A kitchen with modern and minimalist looks, made from environmentally friendly materials and with functions aimed at saving energy and separated waste. All in all a kitchen that is able to actively improve your quality of life in the home, also with an eye to the future.

AN INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT_CUSTOMISATION. Living in minimal, "difficult", open and flexible spaces. Orange has accommodated these needs by providing a flexibility of design and arrangement solutions that enable you to customise your spaces in a unique way. Its design versatility also allows it to be easily adapted to suit your changing tastes and living requirements.

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