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A NEW IDENTITY FOR THE DOMESTIC HEARTH. Every single detail in this design is a refined interpretation of past forms in a state of evolution. The focus point of the kitchen is the hob area, which recalls traditional fireplaces. The elegant decoration of the upper frame on the element above the hob supports the two side columns that accompany the steel extractor hood - available in various sizes - with its smooth and exclusive design. The work area, where washing and cooking take place, is characterised by a worktop in which the material is housed above a large structure in solid wood. The technology used to make this worktop allows the continuity of the solid wood to be maintained throughout the composition's perimeter. Practical back panels in boiserie complete the model's elegance: thanks to their modular flexibility, they also allow for the insertion of shaped glass shelves and aluminium accessories.

cucina classica gioconda design  cucina classica gioconda design 

THE DOORS, A COMBINATION OF BEAUTY AND TECHNOLOGY. A huge amount of care is taken over every single detail in Gioconda. The doors are made from polyurethane, using an advanced new technology that allows for the creation of unique designs and constructions. The Michelangelo handle provides excellent ergonomics and a practical grip. Made from coated aluminium, it is designed to ergonomically accommodate the shape of the hand. Its position at the centre of the door also facilitates opening.

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