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It's a well-known fact that the home as we know it is undergoing a major transition. The space we have to work with is smaller than ever before, yet our needs are greater and more complex. That's not to mention the contemporary lifestyle which requires our pads to be functional, technological, ergonomic and multi-purpose at the same time. Board, designed for Snaidero by Pietro Arosio, is just what people with these needs have been crying out for. The solution is substantial, compact and aesthetically light without taking anything away from functionality and ergonomics. The fully-equipped WORKSTATION takes preparation, cooking and washing in its stride. Available in two different sizes (90 and 120 cm), it is a smart, space-saving solution which effectively addresses the basic demands of home living. Board manages to be fully operational in just a few centimetres, incorporating a hob and a sizeable two-tub sink area. Furthermore, a convenient snack top is situated at the end of the unit where you can sit down to breakfast or enjoy a quick snack, while a waste bin has been set into the block to allow you to dispose of organic waste as you prepare food.

cucina moderna board  cucina moderna board

CORIAN. HYGIENIC, RESISTANT, MODERN. Board is made from CORIAN, a material which can handle the rigours of home living with ease. Exceptionally RESISTANT, it doesn't crack, it can take anything that everyday use throws at it and it can withstand the blows, scratches and cuts that are all too common in busy and oft-used kitchen areas. Moreover, Corian is particularly HYGIENIC in that it is non-porous and prevents fungi and bacteria from forming on the surface. LOW MAINTENANCE: Corian needs very little work because its technical characteristics mean that it stays solid and robust when subjected to various kinds of stress, and it will still look great even if you only have time to clean it now and again. It can withstand being "manhandled" by people or kitchenware, is unaffected by the heat or humidity in kitchens and bathrooms and is child-friendly. All in all, Corian is a shining example of how maximum comfort and convenience are possible even in a very "lived-in" home. To leave Corian surfaces looking as good as new, all you have to do is clean them with a normal abrasive detergent (delicate) and an abrasive sponge.

STORAGE SOLUTIONS ON DEMAND. The area designed for storage purposes, from which the operating unit unfolds, rests on a highly industrialised platform enabling it to offer the broadest design flexibility in terms of both finishes and colours (over 100 available options) and design modularity, where the latter refers to the adaptability of each space - whether large or small - and the possibility of arranging it as desired. Lastly, the variety of available ergonomic solutions are capable of satisfying people who desire pure forms without handle, or people who prefer the practicality of the handle.

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