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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-governmental organisation whose aim is to promote the responsible management of forests and plantations in order to protect the natural environment. Snaidero considers the use of raw materials certified by the FSC as very important also in the manufacture of kitchens. This is because it means:

⁃ more forests are managed responsibly;
⁃ fewer forests are subject to destruction or excessive exploitation;
⁃ more forests are placed out of reach of international circuits engaged in the commerce of illegal timber;
⁃ more forests in which the rights of local people and workers are respected;
⁃ more forests in which the conservation of biodiversity is a priority.


With this in mind, Snaidero chooses to use panels certified by the FSC. These products are made from wood from the recycling trade, so the chipboard we use is made from 100% post-consumer wood, certified by the FSC as being 100% Recycled. Of course, all wood arriving at the Company is subjected to rigorous quality control checks. Wood is also categorised according to its provenance, from Italy or abroad. This is to ensure that the chemical-physical properties of the supplies comply with the highest safety standards.

Once all the quality checks have been completed, the material is subjected to a further process, selection and cleaning. This means separating the wood from any foreign material: the result is a pure product, perfectly suitable for processing. This is how a truly "ecological" panel is produced: this is an advanced product because it combines low environmental impact manufacturing with a high quality finished product. This type of panel, in addition to not requiring any more trees being cut down, is able to match the solidity, compactness, resistance to deformation and long life of equivalent products made from virgin wood, i.e. at high environmental cost.

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