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The fundamental principles of “Design for All” are those that Snaidero has always referred to when designing its kitchens. They require a particularly careful approach that takes account of the needs of the so-called "sensitive" groups, i.e. children, the elderly and the people with disabilities. These design criteria are based on respecting people's dignity as well as the social and civil right of every citizen to live in a safe, healthy and attractive home environment. People should also be able to carry out their kitchen activities simply and comfortably in complete autonomy, with no discrimination with respect to their psychological/physical condition. Snaidero's “Skyline_Lab” program is the clearest and most concrete example of this modern design philosophy.

An observation. Many needs expressed by those with physical handicaps concerning greater autonomy and safety in the kitchen are also applicable to almost all users. If for the first group, these needs derive from a series of strict necessities to be satisfied during the design stage, for everyone else the same ergonomic solutions can provide increased ease of use. This translates into a tangible and welcome improvement in quality of life. The “Skyline” programme is born of the aspiration to build a domestic space able to offer everyone - people with disabilities in particular - the opportunity to carry out fundamental domestic activities autonomously and safely.

The design of the “Skyline_Lab” kitchen was entrusted to the great architects Lucci and Orlandini. These are two first class designers, for whom design is the "shape of the useful". Behind the beauty of the lines they draw there is always technological research, a strong predisposition towards innovation and extreme functional simplicity. In the specific case of “Skyline_Lab” this basic concept was ambitiously extended even further to fully comply with the ideals of Universal Design. In other words a design that truly eliminates any form of complexity in the relationship between the user and the product, making it universally suitable for any potential user.

The softness of its forms - achieved by completely eliminating every sharp corner and providing a contoured worktop without any loss of continuity - offer all the functional advantages of improved safety and ease of movement. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, these formal and ergonomic solutions provide the model with a strongly distinctive and attractive character. The “Skyline” programme was developed from this initial concept and brought many of these innovative solutions to a wider audience.

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