cuisine design LAK


An industrial research and development project

‘Living for All’ Kitchen is an industrial research and development project promoted by Snaidero through a partnership network that joins universities, research facilities and companies. The objective is to create a new concept for a kitchen environment able to “communicate” outside the confines of the house, where home automation devices and innovative remote control systems can be installed.

LAK’s goal is to improve the family’s quality of life within the house in terms of safety, comfort and energy efficiency, through the use of new home automation devices integrated within the kitchen.
These innovative devices mainly apply to the management and control of the different functionalities of the kitchen; they create a technological platform from which all domestic systems can be monitored. For example, via a single interface the user will be able to control and manage the energy consumption, the lighting system, the air quality and safety within the house by reducing the chance of domestic accidents. The highlight of the LAK kitchen is the facial recognition device which identifies who can or cannot access a  specific area in the kitchen.  In this way the kitchen environment is more friendly and safe, especially for children, elderly and people with disabilities. 

The ambitious “LAK” industrial research project provides the following future opportunities:

The size of the units has been designed to optimise access to the wall unit storage space and the use of different depth working surfaces. The worktop lines are curved to reduce the chance of collisions and accidents. In addition, the “multifunctional corner” equipped with a sitting area transforms the kitchen space into a living area.

ENERGY SAVINGS. LAK includes solutions to control appliances’ energy consumption and the lighting, making it possible easily to manage their efficiency. The user gets real-time information about the kitchen energy consumption and savings. The LAK environment allows the internal devices to communicate with outside the house as well.

. The LAK kitchen is modular, it grows and develops according to the user needs and habits. As mentioned above the facial recognition device included in this project allows the environment to be configured to one’s preferences and needs.

. The concept of safety in the LAK environment is based on “prevention & protection” aimed at reducing domestic accidents. For example, thanks to the facial identification device the user can prevent access to some kitchen areas to other users. Sensors will automatically activate alarm and assistance procedures.

SOCIALISATION.  Through a customisable touchscreen interface the user can access a network of useful external services, such as shopping home delivery or access to medical/emergency assistance; LAK becomes an open window to the world.

COMFORT. The idea of home comfort is strictly bound to physical, sensorial, emotional and psychological well-being within the house. The RFID sensors allow the LAK kitchen to recognise and locate perishable objects and groceries available in the storage areas, thanks to the barcodes and expiry dates printed on the goods. In addition, LAK offers the opportunity to manage the comfort in the house through invisible and integrated technology devices (lights, temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.).

LAK is a ground-breaking research project that combines the efforts of Snaidero and many other companies in finding a relationship between the kitchen user and the outside world.