Every story has a beginning, a middle and - inevitably - an end. This is true also of the unique and special events inspired by the generous and untiring Knight of Industry Rino Snaidero, who left us on a cold day in January 2004. In order to keep alive the pioneering and innovating spirit that defined the life of the Company's founder, on 30th May 2006 the “Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation” was set up.

The Foundation was created to become a true "ideas factory". In other words a centre of international and multi-disciplinary skills, with a networked structure, whose aim is to improve quality of life in the home. To this end, the “Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation” enjoys the participation of top-class companies, advanced research centres, prestigious universities, international associations and foundations and public administrations. All these different realities collaborate in order to promote, on an international level, multi-disciplinary scientific research aimed at stimulating creativity in young people and the ability to innovate in businesses.

In particular, the CREA LAB is responsible for international research involving young creative minds and experts from the business world. Its CREAtive Team is made up of young researchers from many different disciplines drawn from the Foundation's international network. It is free to carry out any kind of research deemed useful for finding innovative solutions for improving quality of life in the home. The REAL Team is instead made up of experts, managers and entrepreneurs who are able to select the most interesting ideas worth exploring from a technical, scientific, economic and financial point of view.

Financing and finalising cutting-edge research, training and stimulating creativity applied within the panorama of an international context based on the network provided by the “Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation”: this represents, both on an idealistic and a realistic level, the authentic vision of innovation as expressed by Snaidero. A vision that views innovation as the founding value that has characterised the Company's DNA since it was first set up by Cavalier Rino. And like him, an expression of brilliant ideas, profound understanding and continuous challenges.