cucina moderna Way


Here below you can download the technical chart and the h.r. pictures of the new kitchen WAY. Click on PDF to get the PROJECT TECHNICAL CHART. Click on zip to get the PICTURES: here's a PREVIEW gallery.

Tactile materials, sleek silhouettes and pure design talent: as is our wont, we have pushed back the frontiers with our research once again. Created without handles, Snaidero's Way is a design with well-defined proportions, minimalist contours and a sophisticated range of finishes and colours. It will be coming to Eurocucina 2016 under a completely new guise: in close harmony with nature, Way will be on show with an essential layout and materials with a wonderfully natural feel. Ceramics and Wood.

The large central work island has been entirely made in stone-effect ceramic with a three-dimensional look for the doors and top. This lends the kitchen a monolithic effect as well as ensuring superb efficiency (high heat resistance, stainproof and scratch proof). Encased in tactile yet rigorous stone frames, the work zones excel in terms of ergonomic comfort.

The heart of the kitchen buzzes with technology: rigorous and harmonious on the inside, functional and efficient on the inside. The cupboards all come with retractable doors built-in down to the ground and finished in Palude oak wood. They open to reveal inner fixtures made specially by Snaidero: the Passpartout collection - an open flexible system which uses an array of different containers and utensils whose range of design details and material choices allow the customer to personalise his own space in utter freedom.

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