cucina moderna Opera


Here below you can download the technical chart and the h.r. pictures of the new kitchen OPERA. Click on PDF to get the PROJECT TECHNICAL CHART. Click on zip to get the PICTURES: here's a PREVIEW gallery.

Recently honoured with the prestigious Good Design Award from the Museum of Architecture, Design and Metropolitan Arts of Chicago, Snaidero's Opera will be coming to the 2016 Eurocucina exhibition under a completely new guise: with unwavering loyalty towards quality materials, an unerring sense of proportion and enchanting simplicity of construction, this time it slips into a new "industrial" skin, using authentic materials and putting design first.

The end result is a fusion of modernity and comfort. The kitchen space is inseparable from the living area: the central island (made with Metal Town varnished aluminium doors all hand painted one by one) and the hood (with matching metallic shelf racks) have become the focal point in the kitchen, whether it be for cooking or for entertaining. On the other hand, the striking open panelling (designed to be a home wine cellar), the spacious wooden counter and fully equipped cupboards unashamedly reveal this kitchen's authentic industrial design.

The cupboard zone has been fitted with two important cupboard containers measuring 3 square metres in all. They function as real multi-purpose rooms, with a laundry area and a pantry helping you to easily organise your day-to-day chores.

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