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Here below you can download the technical chart and the h.r. pictures of the new kitchen KELLY. Click on PDF to get the PROJECT TECHNICAL CHART. Click on zip to get the PICTURES: here's a PREVIEW gallery.

Each stylistic choice has been carefully weighed up and Kelly's overall design has a strong classic impact: the framed door with integrated channelled ledges is clean-cut and chiselled, whilst the precious corner decorations hark back to the work of skilled craftsmen from olden times.

The high art resides in the rich decorative elements which infuse the kitchen with life and make all its components gel together: from the accurate corner decorations and the exquisite finishing touches to the matt and gloss lacquered surfaces. The glass wall units with mullion accents are both elegant and practical; the inner shelving is equipped with special lighting devices that illuminate the inside and shed refined light both upwards and downwards. The cosy glass cabinet and backlit glass shelving brighten their surrounds. No trouble has been saved here; each single detail has been carefully thought out. The front of the worktop is contoured and the elegant open units reach out to create continuity with the living area. The large range hood enhances the beauty of the kitchen, rearing up above it in a celebration of style: it is available in both a bronze and stainless steel version.

Kelly is a marriage of love between old charm and modern practicality: the cupboard area with open glass units has been constructed to contain some of the fixtures from the new Passpartout collection by Snaidero. The central work island also offers plenty of room for cutting, chopping and mixing... or for chatting, nibbling and sipping. The countertop also doubles up as a handy snack area.

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