• Snaidero Fiera Eurocucina 2016

    Eurocucina 2016

A rare atmosphere, a shell that clasps and enshrines Snaidero's latest creations: as has always emerged from Snaidero's stand concept, Eurocucina 2016 is a foray into different living styles and an exciting exploration into kitchen space personalisation. A creative universe with 3 brand-new collections - ICONE, SISTEMA & EVERYONE - three different worlds that cater for three different design and style needs. The special edition of ICONE reaches out to anyone who will only settle for impeccable quality and know he is sure to find it in the masterful creations of Italian industrial design. SISTEMA's made-to-measure approach is ideal for anyone seeking flexible solutions to help them mould their space exactly as they want it. And last but not least, EVERYONE is dedicated to the new generations and anyone who seeking a well-balanced combination of creativity and affordable luxury.

So, identity and personalisation: this is the spirit that animates Snaidero's new collections presented at Eurocucina 2016; a creative universe which is more than apt and a perfect opportunity to showcase Italian excellence. But what really hits home is not one single project, but the magnificence of them all together.

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