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After an extended journey through the events, trends and major facts...

It is a vastly different world to that in which Mr Rino Snaidero started his entrepreneurial project.

Amid the many lasting changes there is a common thread uniting the company’s history along the years: a marked innovative streak coupled with the ability to anticipate and foresee future developments in the market and consumer needs.

In an increasingly digital context, in which smartphones and tablets were becoming pivotal in the daily lives of millions of people, Snaidero began designing a new type of kitchen with smarter functions, connected with the rest of the world - well before the 'Internet of things' became a fashionable concept.

As early as 2013 Snaidero headed - in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and other industrial entities - the LAK (Living For All Kitchen) research project, which was aimed at integrating new home automation technologies and innovative remote services within the kitchen environment to improve the quality of life in terms of safety, comfort and energy saving, thereby guaranteeing a more functional and liveable kitchen for all.
The following year, at the Salone del Mobile trade fair, Snaidero presented the 'Touch Kitchen' project, which exploits home automation and the Internet to satisfy ergonomics, safety, energy saving and socialisation requirements.

An intelligent and 'smart' kitchen, capable of monitoring in real time the energy and water consumed by household appliances, signalling any wastages, measuring the temperature and humidity, and detecting bad odours to restore a pleasant environment. It intervenes in case of flooding, gas leaks or smoke by triggering rescue procedures directed at an incident room, through an audio-video connection with a doctor or health operator.
Moreover, it communicates with the outside world allowing the user to easily shop online or view recipes on the Web. This through a straightforward application designed for use on tablets or normal smartphones.
In other words, it is like a window open on the world, capable of facilitating and protecting the daily lives of families.

But, as always, Snaidero transcends mere technological innovation. Home automation turns stylish to reveal a design-oriented, elegant and modern classical dimension.​

This idea is embodied in the clean, timeless lines of the Look kitchen: designed by Michele Marcon, this 'tailor-made' project sports a contemporary style, with fluid spaces specifically designed for versatile use that open onto the living area. 

Other examples include Heritage, Kelly and Frame, new kitchen models designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, whom Snaidero contacted in 2000 thanks to his original style and draughtsmanship. His design approach has yielded models often inspired by tradition, though entirely contemporary due to their dynamic qualities.

Heritage pays tribute to the prestigious Italian tradition, which privileges wood and its natural shades in the kitchen. The fulcrum of the kitchen is the cooker hob zone, which revives the era of traditional domestic fireplaces. The hood steals the limelight: made of stainless steel, it is also available in the varnished bronze version and makes a striking aesthetic and architectural impact, further enhanced by the open wooden cabinets enclosing it.

Also the Kelly kitchen, which was previewed at the 2016 Salone del Mobile trade fair, reinterprets the classical tradition with an extremely modern connotation. The framed door with integrated chamfer reveals a considerable stylistic sobriety, while certain unique and refined details, such as the cast metal corner elements on the door, display the mastery associated with artisan processing. The end result makes a decidedly striking impact and evokes aristocratic luxury.

Frame is instead a sophisticated mix of vintage notes and classical proportions with industrial chic contaminations, juxtaposing materials, full and empty zones, industrial elements and stylistic details underlining extensive aesthetic research.

Timeless elegance, style and technological innovation are the cornerstones on which Snaidero has based its activity in these past seventy years, initially under the leadership of Rino Snaidero then of his son, Edi.
Year after year, the company has managed to grow and reinvent itself, without ever neglecting its distinctive values. It is a story made up of people who have pursued a great project with passion and determination: that of creating beautiful, solid and functional kitchens to help families make their 'dream' home come true.

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This is the challenge awaiting Snaidero, which the company intends tackling by increasingly emphasising product quality and the versatility of its proposed models. For this reason, Snaidero's new approach encompasses three different collections: Icone (designer kitchens), Sistema (high flexibility and customisation) and Everyone (aimed at a youthful target), to fulfil any type of need without relinquishing the authenticity, essence and distinctive design of a historical brand of Italian industrial design.


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