The close operating connection between the internal Contract division and Snaidero's local  representatives ensures the efficacy and promptness of the design and quotation services, supported by the latest 3D display and rendering technologies. In addition, Snaidero offers uniquely flexible products, with ability to design all types of non-standard components and provide made-to-measure solutions for all project requirements.

Snaidero is well aware of the Contract sector's precise requirements in terms of correct planning, delivery times and prompt replacements.  The manufacturing cycles are completely integrated for this reason, thus ensuring a higher level of service, effective management of the range, customised elements, prompt delivery and minimised errors.  The order of the workflows and critical points, such as the correctness of incoming orders, delivery times, transport damage and rapid replacement, are constantly monitored via a system of key performance indicators (KPI).

Every single kitchen component is "tracked" from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process, right up to storage and final delivery.  The logistics process is managed by an electronic tracking system that ensures error-free delivery. All Snaidero kitchens are installed by well-trained and dedicated assembly teams that belong exclusively to the international distribution network.   There is an appropriate planning process to keep track of the works, which operates in close coordination with the internal Snaidero Contract division, in order to ensure delivery times are respected.

With contract work, as with retail, the job does not end with the installation and assembly of the kitchens. Through Snaidero's widespread distribution network, we are able to offer a top quality after-sales service, designed and organised in order to ensure that the durability, quality and superior excellence of our kitchens lasts.

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