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The word design can refer to both a drawing and a plan. For Snaidero, creating a design means assuming the responsibility to first trace out and then develop a complete and harmonious idea about the world. With its dynamic and fully culturally-aware approach, Snaidero is able to channel the entire company process towards this end: manufacturing, the distribution of resources and customer relations. In all this there is a firm aspiration to contribute to the creation of a balance that is able to involve both subjects, the manufacturer and the consumer. Both of these subjects are however considered the only way Snaidero believes possible, on a human level, now more than ever at the centre of any conceptual and design approach. We have often set out to design socially responsible products and ended up designing socially responsible processes as well. It is now possible - and therefore necessary - to contribute to the design of responsible personal behaviour. Ours and yours, in full collaboration and according to different attitudes. Discover our models!

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