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The bottoms of pots in direct contact with cooker flames reach very high temperatures, and though the various materials used are quite heat-resistant, it’s inevitable that placing pots directly on the countertops after cooking will damage the surface. We recommend using cutting boards or coasters made of insulating materials such as wood or polyethylene, or woven straw tablemats as a base for pots.


Avoid aggressive or corrosive cleaning products at all costs, abrasive solvents and materials (unless expressly suggested in the manuals of certain products), and be careful where you place the bottle caps of – or rags used to apply – aggressive products (for example: lime remover, hot plate and cooker cleaners, acids). Before using unfamiliar cleaning products, test them on a concealed area first.
Some detergents contain very acidic or basic substances which, though they facilitate the cleaning of some materials, may damage others. Before using them, read the manufacturer’s directions and determine on what surfaces they can be used. For example, never use products that contain acids (such as lime-removers, hot plate and cooker cleaners, pure acids) on laminate surfaces (countertops) or veneered surfaces (frames) as they can dull and discolour the surfaces, causing permanent marks or stains. Keep in mind that surfaces made of natural stone, marble, or granite are also sensitive to vinegar and lemon juice, and may remain stained by wine and oil. For environmentally-conscious consumers, instead of products that contain chlorine (such as sodium hypochlorite-based bleach), we recommend using oxygen-based whitening products (perborate or sodium perborate) and white wine vinegar to eliminate grease and lime residue.

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