Starting from the delivery date, which must be certified by the sales document issued by your dealer, your kitchen is guaranteed for 10 years against any kind of manufacturing defect. Any manufacturing defects found should be reported exclusively to your dealer within two months of discovery. In the event that the dealer you purchased your kitchen from is no longer an authorised Snaidero dealer, a list of your nearest authorised dealers can be found by visiting our site


Snaidero Rino Spa's Quality Service will carry out an inspection to verify the effective existence of any manufacturing flaws and will recommend the most suitable repairs or replacement of parts. If the required material is no longer available because the kitchen model is no longer in production or because stocks have run out, material from other kitchen models of equivalent worth shall be provided.

The warranty does not cover any parts of the product that are ruined or not working as a result of negligence and/or careless use under normal conditions and/or use in violation of the maintenance instructions provided in the "Product Data Sheet" issued in accordance with law 126/1991 and the "General warnings" provided with the product. Domestic appliances, sinks and taps which are guaranteed by their respective manufacturers according to the terms set out by their brands are excluded from the warranty. Equipped blocks and worktops are excluded from the warranty and covered exclusively by the minimum legal warranty.

Any defects for which Snaidero is not responsible, i.e. any defects that are not original manufacturing flaws are not covered by the warranty, such as, for example, kitchen design errors made by the dealer, installation and assembly errors, transport damage that was not promptly reported, defects caused by installation in areas with extreme climatic conditions, in unprotected areas or areas that are not air conditioned. Normal wear-and- tear or colour variations caused by the passage of time, light, steam or vapours or any other factors commonly associated with the kitchen environment cannot be considered to be original manufacturing flaws.

This 10-year warranty is only applicable to Retail Sales. In the event of contract sales (supplies reserved to building constructors and developers) the terms of product warranty shall be established contractually on each separate occasion with the constructor.

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