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07 December 2010
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A succesful contract project just finished by our retailer in Arnemuiden

We are proud to present a succesful example of a contract project just finished by our retailer Rudy Jacobse Snaidero Concept Store in Arnemuiden (the Netherlands).

We are proud to present a succesful example of a contract project just finished by our retailer Rudy Jacobse Snaidero Concept Store in Arnemuiden (the Netherlands).

This  project, called "de Dokke", consist of the construction of a new supermarket (Emté) and 19 appartments above it. Among these appartments, 11 were for sale and the others for rent.The Snaidero Concept Store Rudy Jacobse has been chosen to deliver the kitchens, and the standard kitchen was fixed as the Sistema Zeta for the owned appartments.
Due to the client wishes, two of these kitchens where changed, one for Terra and the other one for Idea.
Most kitchens where in Sistema Zeta, the kitchen where innovation becomes architecture thanks to compositions with a strong identity.Practical details make up a fresh and contemporary style, and leave room for unique shades of colour that live together harmoniously. Enhancing the two-tone colour to highlight the various work zones.
Sistema Zeta is a  model with no fancy trim, which rediscovers the authenticity of the forms and ornaments but rich in content. Most Kitchen wew Sistema Zeta in Basic Pearl White.
 As already said, there was also the possibility to change the kitchen model within the project, and some clients did like to do. One owner chose the model Terra,  the kitchen that uses naturalness and warmth to create its own essential features. Terra means merging elements, getting rid of the inessentials and simplifying the essentials. The new door shape is the most characteristics feature of Terra: the handle is built into the wood, and the attentive use of light and shade allows you to fully appreciate its double depth.Every ingredient that sets this kitchen apart has been designed to enhance details: like a soft pencil, the worktop highlights the surfaces and equipped back panels and brings out the quality of the craftsmanship. In Terra, the design of new functions and components is perfectly in line with the aesthetic fundamentals of the project. Starting from the masterful use of light, which is more pronounced and focuses on details such as the hood, shelving and back-lights.
Another owner choose to change the standard Sistema Zeta with Idea.Idea's design is intended to bring together shapes, technology, style and functionality. Pininfarina has restyled this traditional Snaidero model, without handles, maintaining its great appeal, while adding its unmistakable style. The aim is to rediscover a design for day-to-day living, thanks to selected contemporary yet all-embracing shapes, adding elegance with simple and exclusive elements.The design features of this kitchen are its refined details, with its lines carving out unique shapes. Elegance is to be found in skillfully selected colours and materials, without extravagance, as shapes are entirely simple, sophisticated and unobtrusive.
Idea is the kitchen for those who prefer a linear clear-cut design, for those who focus on the highlighted details of innovative furnishing solutions, and for meticulous connoisseurs of culture and beauty who love to enjoy the home and genuine objects For this building, the owner chose a Snaidero Idea glossy lacquer.
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