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25 June 2015
Snaidero a Expo 2015


Snaidero presente a Expo Milano 2015 come partner del Padiglione Basmati presso il Cluster Riso.

Snaidero is present at Expo Milan 2015 as a partner of the Basmati Pavilion in the Rice Cluster, in recognition of the unique qualities of Italian design and the international demand for the brand, present in over 80 countries worldwide for 70 years.

Expo Milan 2015 opened on 1 May, the World's Fair on the theme of  ​Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. For six months, Milan will be a showcase for over 130 countries called to pose questions and propose solutions, starting from their own culture and traditions, about the great challenges tied to the future of food. 

The Clusters are a new feature of Expo 2015. For the first time countries are not grouped geographically in Pavilions, but rather thematically and as part of food supply chains. The nine Clusters of Expo 2015 are spaces dedicated to countries that share agricultural or geographical characteristics, and that develop a common theme in a unique exhibition concept.

And it is in the Rice Cluster that Snaidero has been selected as a partner to furnish the functional areas of the Basmati Pavilion. Thanks to a dramatic arrangement of mirrors, the Pavilion welcomes visitors with the colours and scents of the rural world, with a landscape reminiscent of a vast rice paddy and that accompanies him/her on a thematic journey to discover the story of rice, the staple food of nearly three billion people, almost half the world's population. 

Snaidero a Expo 2015

Four Snaidero kitchens act as a framework for the common spaces, illustrating the rice food supply chain in a setting full of charm, where the threads of tradition and modernity are strongly intertwined. 

The four projects on display illustrate the versatility of design and the profound aesthetic quality of Snaidero. Idea by Pininfarina furnishes the relaxation area outside the Basmati Pavilion, welcoming guests with its simplicity and timeless elegance. Skyline 2.0 e Time occupy the two areas in front of the Pavilion, serving as catering spaces for tastings and for sharing domestic meals. Progetto Ola 25 Limited Edition is a Pininfarina product too and is ideally matched to the best of haute cuisine. Placed in the centre of the Pavilion, it offers an informal space for use by visitors and is symbolic at the same time. Inside there is an installation that interprets the tree of life and that creates, in symbiosis with the Ola 25 kitchen, an evocative atmosphere that transports you to distant places.

cucine Snaidero a Expo 2015 

In parallel to the activities at the Expo 2015 site, Snaidero will present opportunities for meetings, discussions and sharing food at the Design&Food evenings in the city, at its MisuraCasa showroom in Via De Amicis. A rich programme of events over the whole World's Fair period, with Design and Rice being the stars of the show, in a sensory experience to be appreciated first with the eyes and then with the mind.

"For us, being present at Expo Milan 2015 in the Rice Cluster is a unique opportunity. During these six months - says Edi Snaidero, President of Snaidero Group - we will have so many different experiences, exploring the worlds of beauty, health, food tasting and sustainability, values which are close to our hearts. All the models exhibited show what we believe in and the materials to invest in to offer solutions that are always in step with the real needs of people - sophisticated design, high-quality materials and attention to detail."

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