Eurocucina 2014

18 April 2012
cucina moderna kube


Board, designed by Pietro Arosio, is Snaidero's responde to the big changes taking place in the world today.

Once again Snaidero’s research and development division gets to the heart of the latest home living needs, with Board (design Pietro Arosio), a kitchen that makes total aesthetic, emotional and functional simplicity its central concept. Designed also for installation in small kitchen spaces, and shared spaces that demand configuration flexibility, Board features a completely suspended work block, that gives total freedom of movement during the preparation and cooking processes, not least of all because it offers two workstations that can be used simultaneously. The block, which is equipped for food preparation, cooking and washing functions, comes in two sizes: 90 cm (complete with food preparation area and wooden snack bar) and 120 cm (with an innovative dynamic cutting Board system). Illuminated by a panel with adjustable lighting, the Board block has six operations tubs, including three serving various purposes: one fitted with jar racks, detergent holders and cutlery trays/spice racks, one used as a storage unit and one as a sink. The waste bin is installed flush with the worktop to make it easier to dispose of food scraps. The remarkable structural lightness of the block is made possible by an innovative system (patented by Snaidero) that anchors the volume to the structure of the cabinets. This latter structure is a volume entirely
devoted to containing and incorporating the electrical appliances. Constructed on a highly industrialised platform, the cabinet system offers maximum design flexibility in terms not only of finishes and colours (with over 100 different shades to choose from) but also in terms of modular design opportunities.

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