07 March 2011

CODE Snaidero Design


The CODE kitchen offers a style and a look that all of us would like to have in our own kitchen. With CODE, Snaidero has created a kitchen design for those who love to express their individual lifestyle and choices for the home.
The underlying feature is a desire to enjoy total freedom in the kitchen, redesigning shapes and redefining lines to create new living appeal with an “inverse code” that eliminates the superfluous for a creative and flexible layout based on customized space.

So here is CODE, an extensive and versatile kitchen design, with two extremely distinctive features: COLOUR and WOOD.

CODE COLOUR has colour as the protagonist of design. It is a distinct furnishing element for a modern and highly customized home, strongly characterized by a surprising, and just as new, range of colours.
Colour is used for original open storage units, which are available in all the colours in the Snaidero lacquer range, providing infinite layouts: an interplay of open and closed spaces characterize the arrangement, adding great appeal and lightness to the kitchen.
Simple, linear and elegant, based on a concept of advanced and total modularity: a variety of arrangements can be created with a single element, providing formal balance between refined and innovative open and closed spaces. The starting point is a single unit. It can be multiplied in space many times, creating segments in different lengths, which can be horizontally or vertically aligned like a domino pattern to provide different functions in the kitchen and elsewhere.

Units can be cut-to-size both vertically and horizontally, with matching thicknesses (1.3 cm) and finishes for worktops, doors and end panels. For CODE, this attention to details becomes almost obsessive research into proportions and aesthetic balance. Hence, with CODE functional versatility and aesthetic variety are designed to express any style: from an accessorized wall system, which furnishes any interior, to perfectly finished freestanding arrangements. 


Instead, CODE NATURAL is a kitchen design for consumers who base their choices on natural shapes and materials. These consumers are looking for ways of simplifying day-to-day life, which means appreciating traditionally crafted products featuring genuine materials, backed up by history and tradition. In this context, the main feature of the CODE kitchen design is its HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE DOORS: in ash wood with vertical slats, where engravings provide a irregular pattern to give the doors unique variety and aesthetic appeal, further enhanced by a fine handcrafted detail on the slats to highlight the effect.


For CODE, a valuable role is played by the HANDLE: this element, available in a selection of highly distinct shapes and materials, was chosen by Snaidero to offer wide choice and scope for customization. Snaidero has specifically researched and designed three solutions to enhance the identity and recognition of this kitchen design. The elegant appeal and style of the kitchen design is made complete with a precious WORKTOP. For Code, this is done with thicknesses (available in 4 or 6 cm) and an extraordinarily wide range of finishes (laminates, marble, granite, stone, Solid surface and steel): the thickness, materials and refined details of a worktop flush-fitted with the doors are key elements to giving the CODE kitchen rigorous architectural design and elegant appeal.

In addition to a wide selection of customized choices, this kitchen design also features extraordinary VERSATILE ARRANGEMENTS. In fact, thanks to important project engineering, the Code kitchen design offers infinite layout solutions, as the heights and widths of base units, wall units and cupboards can be cut-to-size. Hence, Code expresses its versatile nature with tall wall units and cupboards with full-length doors, which open to reveal spacious storage units, extra high tall units, as well as original layouts with island units and peninsula elements.
Furthermore, FITTINGS have been meticulously designed: a “thought-out” solution to improve the quality of kitchen activities. Drawer, deep drawer and tall unit interiors have a bottom panel with wood finish, and are equipped with a range of practical accessories in ash wood: cutlery trays, knife racks, spice racks, tin racks and bottle racks. Perfectly organized interiors, sensory quality and dynamic functions are offered, as accessories can be used in drawers and when preparing food, thanks to a practical position on the back panel or on the accessory rack bridging element, which fits onto the worktop.
But since the kitchen is both a work area and a busy heart of the home, Code provides new living accessories for the kitchen to match its design, including a clock, a magazine box, an elegant letter and accessory rack, a slate blackboard and a baby bottle holder. An important assumption is that: the pace of contemporary life and therefore the way areas in the home are used means that the kitchen is increasingly home to activities that usually take place elsewhere: we read, work, entertain friends and spend time as a family in the kitchen.
Last but not least, there is the GREEN ASPECT OF THIS KITCHEN DESIGN: for Code, Snaidero uses WATER-based products for its LACQUERING treatments, which drastically reduce the presence of synthetic solvents and completely eliminate odorous ones. But, above all, new LOW-EMISSION PANELS are used so that formaldehyde emission is dramatically reduced to less than half the European E1standard requirement.
CODE also fits into the context of the path undertaken by Snaidero with the ORANGE kitchen, as it is the outcome of the same strategy to optimize project engineering and design and to enhance the best of the Group’s design culture. Its international aspects therefore offer a variety of different qualities, the main one being an ongoing focus on quality processes, materials and details, which in terms of aesthetic appeal and innovative ability guarantee quality solutions that are also accessible. The highly innovative aspect of CODE is also included in this. The real value and quality of this kitchen design solution offer accessible experiences, which is why it is up-to-date, once again.
CODE is all this: a refined industrial design kitchen, where the common feature is a solution for those who choose it. Aesthetic choices, an infinite variety of materials and colours, and “cut-to-size” options make this kitchen design fit any space and selected functions, truly focusing on people and the quality of life in the kitchen.




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