realizzazione cucina moderna Idea



cucina contemporanea Idea

Idea is a seductive combination of design, rationality and excellent materials, for an uncompromising balance between shapes and technology. A new expression of purism returns, which remains true to its main characteristic of doing away with any element that may somehow divert the attention from the message being sent, minimising the amount of colours, shapes, lines and structures used. A message that talks about order, austerity, simplicity and aesthetic purism.

ICON PERFECT SIMPLICITY. The great design behind the model intensifies, using impressive, rational and specific volumes in every detail, to be freely interpreted according to one's own architectonic aspiration and functionality requirements. The profile of the tilted door follows and accompanies the one of the work surface with a 45° angle, giving the idea of a strict design contaminating everything at once. The groove runs along the entire perimeter of the kitchen with incredible accuracy and precision.

TECHNOLOGY. A MARK OF INTELLIGENCE. Technology remains “easy”, concealed in small details like the lighting integrated on the shelving and under the wall units, which perfectly light up the entire work area through continuous LED bars. The equipped areas under the wall units are very refined and feature storage spaces with an aluminium structure, sockets and lighting; they are designed to house small accessories and all the objects we use everyday, such as smartphones, tablets and battery chargers. Light is not forgotten: technological, functional, concealed, but ever present, also in the shelf, framing and enhancing the kitchen. A continuous LED bar has been built into the lower surface of the door finishing.

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