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19 October 2013
Detail of modern kitchens Snaidero - Skyline 2.0 - photo 4


Skyline 2.0 is a restyling of one of the iconic models of the Snaidero collection, but first and foremost a kitchen which has continued to be popular with all Snaidero enthusiasts

Skyline 2.0 is a restyling of one of the iconic models of the Snaidero collection, but first and foremost a kitchen which has continued to be popular with all Snaidero enthusiasts, who have discussed it on the web, in blogs and forums and on social networks. This is one reason why Skyline 2.0 came into being on the web first, offering a first view to those who have witnessed its birth and watched it grow. A kitchen which speaks to you and with you. A kitchen which once again confirms Snaidero's ability to design a kitchen for life.


The concept behind restyling by the two architects, Lucci and Orlandini, is the desire to express the idea on which the project is based, namely that design must be conceived for the person as a whole, satisfying not only emotional expectations, but also, and above all, functional and practical needs. These are essential ingredients of the modern home, which is informal, personal, technological and, most importantly, a place for socialising with others. 

cucina moderna skyline 2.0

The Skyline 2.0 project is definitely “outside the box, freed from the standard modular design, capable of highlighting, even on limited surfaces, smart use of both vertical and horizontal space. With Skyline 2.0, Snaidero is proposing a new concept of today's home: intelligent, dynamic, efficient and ergonomic, comfortable, versatile, suitable for small spaces divided and like larger spaces, but, above all, customisable in all aspects of size, look and emotion.


The worktop, with its contemporary design and shape, confirms its extraordinary flexibility, with a soft and continuous design throughout the entire kitchen, creating a combination of concave and convex surfaces which make the work area extremely ergonomic , with the advantage of improved use of the work space. With the same dimensions, the Skyline 2.0 shaped worktops save so much more space compared with linear worktops. As a result of the detailed industrial working process, the final customer can choose the shape of their worktop: in industrial terms, Snaidero can create any type of shape or design, adapting perfectly to the most stringent requirements of space and domestic habits.


The project has also changed in height: the need for more storage space and the growing level of crossover between the living and kitchen areas in the home have led the architects to propose the project at a new height, creating a work area with twice the amount of space, with two over-counter shelves providing a practical space for keeping kitchen utensils, which are always within easy reach. 

cucina moderna skyline 2.0 cucina moderna skyline 2.0

The preparation area therefore becomes a genuine unit in its own right, where everything is easy and accessible, thanks partly to the semi-suspended base units, which guarantee perfect use of the preparation and cooking area. Movement and use of space is greatly assisted not only by the shaped worktop, but also by the two linear and curved over-counter shelves, with in-built led lighting, the corner storage carousel with two glass shelves, and the projecting base units, which also have small storage shelves. 


The outstanding feature of Skyline 2.0 is really customisation, creating a kitchen where all combinations in terms of composition, dimensions and materials are possible. Over 100 finishes are available, for a dynamic and functional appearance which satisfies and supports the creativity of whoever is using it. Everything can be customised: the doors, the surfaces and, above all, the shelves , which identify the project chromatically with a distinctive and immediately recognisable graphic design.

Cucine moderne Snaidero - Skyline 2.0 - foto 2 

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