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Quality lovers

28 August 2019


It is a sentence that we have all heard at least once, but how much do we actually believe it?

The anxiety of wanting to make a good impression at all costs prevents us from starting again after an error and from taking a more carefree approach. "We are all fragile. We should go around wearing cardboard with the word ‘fragile’: we can break at any time," De Gregori said in a recent interview.

Fragile and happy. Is that possible? Yes, if we look beyond the mistake, without judging ourselves, and we value our path to overcome it, knowing that we all make mistakes and that this does not take anything away from us, but makes us wonderfully human.

We are not experts at solving everyone’s most intimate problems, but we are good at making kitchens! And as kitchen experts we have tried to identify with this reality by adopting materials that increasingly face daily mistakes, becoming the solution that enables us to shine again.

So what if there was a material which, after being scratched or burned, repaired itself and returned to its initial condition without any marks? It really exists! And it is present on our kitchen worktops. It is called Fenix® and its properties include thermal repair of micro-scratches and superficial burns.


It allows us to create aesthetically clean and elegant design compositions, such as the integrated sink – increasingly appreciated for its seamless design and fluid, uninterrupted appearance – which we can admire in our Vision. We therefore require that our materials, after a mistake, return to their former perfection, and we hope that each of us can become stronger, more aware and more experienced from our mistakes, while always reminding ourselves that our mistakes make us who we are and we are the result of our history.

Beautiful and imperfect.

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