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29 September 2013
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Top reasons to choose a Snaidero kitchen for your home

With all the choices now available to homeowners, architects, designers, and multihousing developers when it comes to kitchen design, it is easy to feel overwhelmed ...

With all the choices now available to homeowners, architects, designers, and multihousing developers when it comes to kitchen design, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to look. Here we offer you eight solid reasons why the Snaidero kitchens are top of the class.

Award-winning design

Snaidero has a long history of combining tradition and innovation together, and that starts with a focus on design. For over five decades, Snaidero has been partnering with the most prestigious Italian designers to create industry-leading kitchens that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful.


Notable collaborations include kitchen designs with international architect Gae Aulenti (who worked on projects such as The Musee d’Orsay and the National Museum of Modern Art at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Asian Art in San Francisco), Ferrari cars designer Pininfarina, and the industrial design team of Lucci and Orlandini (whose work is included in the permanent collections of the MoMA in New York and the Louvre Museum in Paris). Over the years, the Snaidero kitchens have collected 8 Good Design Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and several other design accolades. Owning a Snaidero kitchen means having a piece of Italian design history in your home.

Made-in-Italy craftsmanship

With over 60 years of manufacturing experience on Italian soil, Snaidero has mastered the art of made in Italy from A to Z. The company has managed to combine the technological innovations typical of industrial manufacturing with the finesse of details that is exclusive to a craftsman’s work. Inside Snaidero’s high-tech factory lives a carpentry studio made up of experienced craftsmen who fine tune every piece by hand and make sure each kitchen is truly tailor-made.


Quality control from beginning to end

There are essentially two ways of manufacturing kitchens. In one, almost all processes are carried out internally, thus allowing all the strategic stages that generate added value in the product to be managed directly in-house. In the other, the design of the models and assembly of the necessary components is carried out in-house, but the components themselves are produced elsewhere. Snaidero has always taken the first route, as it is the only one able to guarantee complete quality control. This has always been – and still is – the company’s most distinguishing feature.

A wide selection of colors and finishes

Snaidero offers over 100 combinations of colors and finishes, to please every taste and home interior. The range includes 20 types of woods, melamine, glass, and different kinds of lacquer. When it comes to color and varnishes, Snaidero has always pushed the envelope with innovations such as the automotive finish and, more recently, the series of mica-based lacquers that produce stunningly elegant reflections based on how the light hits the kitchen cabinets.


The Snaidero kitchens collection includes more than a dozen different cabinetry lines, which range from the ultra-contemporary to the more traditional. The designs allow for great flexibility to help homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams, in any space. In the past few years, Snaidero has started to give versatility an even greater focus with the development of the Code-Orange-Way-Ola20 system. These are four separate but interconnected lines of kitchen cabinetry, whose elements can be used interchangeably to create truly tailor-made designs that satisfy the client’s aesthetic and functional specifications.

Contemporary kitchens Snaidero - Code​ 

Green focus

Snaidero works with an eye towards the environment and homeowners’ health. The kitchens are manufactured with non-toxic materials and through processes that have a limited impact on the environment. The wood panels used for the kitchens contain low formaldehyde emitting glues and resins in compliance with the LFE E1 international certification, whose maximum emission level of 0.14 is lower than the 0.18 standard of the California Air Resources Board. Snaidero’s water-based paintsand effective varnishes contain very low levels of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, Snaidero keeps evolving technologically to offer eco-friendly solutions. One of the company’s latest models, LUX by Pietro Arosio Design, features an island extractor hood with a controlled bipolar ionisation technology that ensures better air quality in the kitchen. In the past decade, as a manufacturer, Snaidero has also achieved considerable reduction of waste production (90%), water consumption (50%), non-recyclable solid waste (89%) and fuel consumption (80%).

Design for all

Since its start, Snaidero has made it its mission to be a driver of the evolution of kitchen design in the world, and so it continues to be. The company’s Research and Development department works incessantly to perform quality studies on materials, ergonomics, technology, and finishes, with the goal of continuously improving life in the kitchen for everyone, regardless of age and physical abilities. Universal design projects like the Skyline_Lab kitchen are a proof of such work. In addition, the Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation, named after the company’s founder, combines some of the best researchers in different interdisciplinary fields to push the envelope in the study of home automation, as well as longevity and home living.

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